The Company

A global platform with 64 integrated manufacturing facilities in United States, Brazil, China, Argentina, Spain, France, Germany, Mexico and Canada that provide clients with improved quality, efficiency, cost and control. With over 24,000 associates world-wide we can build your components and deliver them anywhere your factories are.

The Need

Update the factory signage and create a unified look throughout the building, help improve communication boards and directional signage to ensure a safe work environment. Unify workers but still highlight lead hands, mangers and safety coordinators via corporate clothing to easily distinguish appropriate personnel.


Where We Started

An on-site visit was needed to measure the shear scale of the project, our team got a feel for the environment and what the conditions were like while working (atmosphere, sound, sight lines). We took a look what materials were being used for signage and from what distances they needed to be visible from. An analysis of ground traffic and employee interaction helped clarify the importance of corporate apparel.

The Goods

We reformatted signage throughout the warehouse and board rooms to better suit their needs, replaced old and tired signage with new innovative yet less expensive materials that would perform better over time. Created motivational signs and project boards to help increase productivity and community boards to help bring employees together. Our team provided quality products and give-a-ways for their annual golf tournament and provide employee incentives for goals reached in production. We helped implement safety garments to those who needed to be easily distinguishable and appropriate attire for lead hands and mangers that was comfortable yet professional for their environment.



A unified work space that is safe and profitable, time is money and minutes lead to hours and hours to days, in the big picture quality products used in the right setting can be as important as the end product it's self. Down time is money lost, and motivated employees are happy workers. Incentives help keep productivity up and well run events help show appreciation.